Shri Raghunath Prasad Sharma

The promise of tomorrow start with today. For all the 5 years of its existence, KS Music Securities has never believed otherwise. With the exemplary vision of grandfather Shri Raghunath Prasad Sharma, the group rose to phenomenal heights. Thinking ahead is the key to stay ahead. With a focused, well thought of strategy, coupled with an intuitive mind, Shri Kanhaiya Lal Sharma catapulted KS Music Securities to multi-product, multi functional company and a force to be reckoned within the world music industry.

Kanhaiya Sharma

Taking ahead the blessings from his grandfather Shri Raghunath Prasad Sharma, Kanhaiya Lal Sharma established KS Music Securities and went on to become the Chairman and Managing Director.

Kanhaiya Lal Sharma from 2009 and nurtured KS Music Securities into a diversified group in core business of music and films Licensing. With his impeccable knack for music, drive and determination of removing piracy established KS Music Securities to cross its own limits and walk the impossible roads to achieve growth. Today the music licence company has ventured into not only acquiring securities but also in new media revenue streams like mobile VAS, on-line digital, TV, IPTV, FM & Satellite Radio licensing and music publishing.

Inheriting the same farsightedness and ability to capitalize on small opportunities from his grandfather, Kanhaiya Lal Sharma keeps abreast of the latest innovations and technological advancements in the business enabling him to propel the company to greater heights. He is himself contributing to the music industry by writing his own album inspired by his grand father. His operational transformations should evolve KS Music Securities into more output generating company in near future. It has always been his endeavor to reach the Global consumer and offer them the best of original digital content from Music industry through his digital initiative which is the first from the Indian music industry and is working diligently with his core team to establish a more comprehensive distribution network. He is ground to earth person with subtle yet modest humility and care for others.